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6 January
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About Me :D
Hiii theres :] I'm a random person and also love jokes but hate sarcastic people >w< i love making new friends :D I am taiwanese and from Taiwan (duh xD) and I am 13 years of age :] if i told you that i was 14, i was counting in Taiwanese time :D so i'm technically not lying!!! xD i write fanfics more than i read :3 and uhhh....uhhmmm...i don't have an FO banner cuz people should know that my fics are always public but just not my daily rants :] so add if u wanna read random stuff :] I AM a girl...if u haven't noticed o.O uhhmmm...currently living in the U.S and attending middle school but hate it >.< i am fluent in mandarin, and i dont like being called chinese cuz im taiwanese!!! :D I'm very friendly :]I'm B2ST biased (to be more specific, i'm Yoseob biased <3). I'd love to meet you all :).

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